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Welcome to Camp TrailBlazer New York or CTBny! We are a co-ed Christian Daycamp that started in 1996 and operates yearly. We are an invisible ‘family’ – a chain of generations spanning over twenty years of actively involved in changing young lives through constructive recreational and educational programs which build bold hearts and strong character for all children! Camp Trailblazer opens its doors to every child regardless or race, background, religion, socioeconomic stances or nationality. We feel that summer belongs to every child and every child should enjoy the great summer months. With our over twenty years of great camp experience, we are again opening our doors this year to campers and as usual, this year again promises a greater camp experience for every child. There are three separate camps and there is one camp for your child to enjoy a great summer.  Junior  Camp is for the very young at heart, ages 2-5 years old. These are the Junior Eagles Explorers. Then there is the Intermediate Camp for campers, ages 6-11 who do not yet meet the challenges of the rugged advance camp demands, and the more challenging camp for seniors, ages 12-16 years old  Advance Camp or the 'Rugged Terrane'  camp.

Our Junior Campers - Junior Eagle Explorers (Ages 2-5)

Your little ones today will bloom in their social and learning skills tomorrow! Junior Eagles Explorers start their camp day with devotion followed by academics while the day is still fresh and cool. They eventually graduate to fun activities such as Arts And Crafts, Canvas Finger Painting, Painting to Music, learning to make Ice Cream Cake, etc. Then it is time for lunch, 'freshened up' and nap time - oh how refreshing and welcoming this is after a very eventful morning! After nap time, the afternoon ends with outdoors sports or water time.  All junior campers participate in 'Speciality Camp' which includes:

-Swimming Camp (paid into...)

-Field Trips on Fridays... (paid into...)

-Sports Camp...

-Cooking Camp

-Music Camp

Junior camp runs for six weeks - July 6-August 14, 2017.  EnrollOur little campers with us today!

















Advance Daycamp - [Ages 12-16]




































Daycamp begins at 8:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm. Early dropoff is available  for 7:30 am. Please call for more information on early dropoffs.







Our camp is a place for making new lifelong friends. Social intentions are encouraged in a friendly sociable environment. There is never fights and fussing instead we all get along with each other. There is never a need for fear of bullying our campers are the best! Camp Trailblazer is a place 'a home away from home... and trust us, we started twenty plus years ago and we know it!






Junior Eagles...

Sports Camp

Camp TrailblazerNY [CTB NY] offers a variety of full-day camp activities. Intermediate camp caters to campers ages 6-11 year old. This camp is medium challenged and fall between junior and advance camp as it pertains to volume of camp activities .  Since our campers are   grouped by age and ability level to maximize learning and focus on individual skill development, campers in this camp will learn all the shared activities fundamentals but on their level.

This camp is an active camp and here you will find younger counselors working with this group of campers.  Experienced counselors work with small groups to teach proper technique, identified individual strengths and help campers reach their highest potential. Each camp features a unique daily recreational period that allows campers to try new activities and enjoy a well-rounded cam[ educational experience.

-Intermediate Camp Duration - Six Weeks

-Intermediate Camp Opening Hours - 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

-Meals: Campers may purchase meals on campus or bring along their meals

Please see our "Activity" page for camp activities lineup.

Advance camp is about challenge – We build the Camp community small enough to know everybody by first name and to make close friends for life, while large and diverse enough to preserve a ton of choices as well to be rich in spirit and unique in experience. The goals are many: rest up from the pressures of modern life, make friends, feel good about one’s self, have fun, find your quiet confidence, share in our values—of cooperation, effort, leadership, courage, responsibility, creativity, spirit, independence–have fun. CTBny is a boys camp, girls camp, and summer sports camp all rolled into one…yet so much more! Whether you’re a first-timer at summer camp, a veteran camper, or something in between, we think you’ll like our summer camp for kids. We think you’ll like CTBny. In fact, we’re sure of it.

Intermediate And Advance Camp...

Intermediate Camp  [Ages 6-11]

Junior Eagles

Preschool Camp

Camp Duration

Camp Hours of Operation

Incident And Bully Free Camp

Daily Academics

Each year, day camp begins immediately after the forth of July. This current year, camp begins July 6, 2017. Parents can register or make an appointment online or call for an appointment. Camp applications and medical forms are online. CTBny is a six weeks camp.

Tel: 718.978.3996

247-11 Francis Lewis Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11422, USA

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