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We are committed to creating swimming classes where kids can feel at ease, where fear turns to joy, and where parents can look on with pride. The mission of Swiffe Master Swimmers is twofold: To provide complete safety and flawless stroke technique for every child and to foster the intellectual and emotional growth that only the water can offer.

Join us this summer for a fun time in the water – Swiffe Master Swimming is the place to be this summer. Inquire about this program when you sign up for camp!

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           Swiffe Master Swimming Camp

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CTBny Swimming  Camp believes that the water is a place where children should feel at home. Our founders and camp coordinators live this philosophy and firmly believe that all children must learn to swim.


CTBny encourages our full cast of aquatic enthusiasts to devote to an  active life of swimming long after camp. We are passionate about this this art and are excited to pass along the skills of our favorite sport in world class swimming lessons as we collaborate with one of the best swimming facilities in New York to bring to you the best in teaching and learning swimming. When people ask us "what makes CTBny Swiffe Master Swimmers different?" The answer is simple: It’s the way our swimming instructors teach children to swim!

The truth is we employ and partner with the best swimming instructors who possess the capabilities to teach  our two year olds thru to our 16 year olds how to swim. Within a few weeks, all our swimmers master the art of swimming and start making an impact on the swimming world.

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