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Camp 2017 -The Fun Camp For Ages 2-16 Years Old - Camp Duration - Six Weeks (July-August) Great Line

Say what? Camp begins July 6 and runs for six weeks? What an exciting time at camp this year! As with other times, we have great lineups for all camps and again, there are three separate camps: Junior Camp - ages 2-5 years old (The Exploring Junior Eagles), Intermediate Camp - ages 6-11 years old (The Active Eagles) and Advance Camp - Ages 12-16 years old! All camps are separate!

Trips And More Trips - This year again, we are going places... so let us know what is on your mind! Adventureland! Theme Parks! Water parks! Prof. Swimming experience! We cannot afford to leave anyone behind so get board!

Sports Camp - So you are a sport enthusias eh? Our Age 20-25 year old male camp coordinators will match you in any sports! See the real deal on: Basket ball, soccer, badminton, table and lawn tennis, relays and tag-of-war, water games, hiking trips and much much more! Do you like to swim... well we are all for it... ready set go!

Cooking - Do you like the kitchen? Then we do too! Intermediate to the Advance campers will learn to cook: A breakfast, prepare a health lunch meal or a simple dinner. Campers assigned will be able to prepare a meal for the whole family - moms will be smiling after this. The break from meal-prep is music to mom's ears! Campers will also learn to set the family meal table - now that's what's cooking!

Swimming Camp - Parents/Campers can opt for this camp and focus only on this camp. Campers who opt for this camp will focus only in this area. Would you like to learn to swim? Let the professionals show you how. Enroll in this camp! Swimming Camp swims offsite!

Bowling The Prof. Way! Did you always want to learn to bowl professionally? Well we got the camp for you! Campers will learn under the professional training of those who know the game. We conduct both onsite and offsite bowling! Enroll in this camp before spaces are all gone! See you at the ally!

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