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May 31, 2017

Camp TrailblazerNewYork offers a dynamic preschool camp program that supports each child’s natural love for movement and exploration. This camp employs both younger and also mature experienced instructors. Our nurturing instructors are patient, enthusiastic and experience,  as they carefully take the time to introduce the love of learning – whether it be a new introduction to sport or swimming, academics or arts and crafts, the fun and nurturing are always there and present always as they guide these little ones with love!

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Here at CTBNewYork, we focus on each child’s development of confidence and self-esteem and encourage each child to do his her best in all they do and without pressure of hassle. In addition to each camp’s core curriculum, campers enjoy a daily recreation period and arts & crafts activities.


Our little ones accompany us on all sporting events – for example, Track And Field In The Parks, Around Town And Beyond field trips, Swiffe Master’s Swimmers Challenge (professional swimming) and Learning And Play Music and Instruments! Then there is academics. All campers are required to participate in our daily academics – excepts on days when we are off campus.

Parents are encouraged to involve their children in all camps or just one camp - it will not make a difference as our campers will any area choosen, whether it be:

  • Sports Camp

  • Swimming Camp

  • Music Camp

  • Cooking Camp or

  • General Camp - your child will never feel left out and lonely!

Junior Eagles Explorers Camp Meals - Parents are asked to provide morning breakfast to junior campers before dropping them off for camp each day. Parents are welcome to purchase meal cards for lunches and afternoon snacks. Parents are also welcome to send along lunches and snack with junior campers. Meal cards expenses are paid in advance. Please inquire about meal-cards upon registration.

Junior Camp Hours of Operation - Junior camp doors are opened at 7:30 a.m. and closed at 6:00 p.m. Monday-Fridays.  Please note also that we potty train junior campers! Junior camp as with all other camps begins July 6, 2017.

Change of Clothing, Supplies and Other Necessities - Parents are asked to provide an extra set of clothes each week for junior campers. Supplementary, parents are required to provide: Pampers, Four rolls of bounty towels, and two packs of baby wipes for each junior campers. Please be reminded to pick up a supplies list at camp.

Junior Campers And Field Trips - All junior campers will need a chaperone to accompany them on field trips. We will not be able to take junior campers on field trips without a chaperone. 

Junior Eagle Explorers And Summer School Day School For September of the New School Year - Junior campers and all prospective students for the next school year will be subtle introduced to academics. Parents are asked to send along a 'scribble scrabble' notebook with each camper. Students who intend to enter Rosedale Gifted Academy-Preschool for the next school year will be required to attend summer camp for at least one month. This is a requirement of the school.

Junior Camp Duration - Junior Camp as with all other camps run for six weeks - July - the second Friday in August of each year.

Face Painting - Parents who do not wish for their children to have their faces paint are asked to opt out in writing. Likewise, campers with allergies parents are asked to submit this medical situation in writing. 

Injuries - Camp TrailBlazerNewYork and its affiliates, agents etc. cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained during camp. Parents are to bear in mind that during the summer months, campers will get injuries due to running and playing. Please give and take as we try our best to protect your little ones!

Join us today for a fun fill summer – where memories last a life time!

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