A Relaxed Day At Camp 

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.... There Will Be Days Like These!

                    DAY ON THE RANGE DAY AT CAMP


Some days we will just relax at camp. These days are reserved for

'spa,' water days, face painting, games, or just relaxing with lemonade

in the sun or on our fully arranged comfortable and relaxing beach

chairs and umbrellas!

Campers usually value this time as they get to know each other better, interact over a game of chess, air hockey, table tennis or indoor bowling.  Sometimes this down time is used to learn a new skill - whether it be cooking, sewing and designs, arts and crafts, learning to make ice creams or ice cold lemonade, there is always something to do!  All campers enjoy this moment.

The afternoons are always reserved for parties or BBQ and grilling! Which ever way is planned at camp, there is never a dull moment. In the plan of the day, Karaoke is a big win win with our campers!

Campers are given the opportunity to perfect their Performing Art skills as they do their acting or theater, music, dance or Karaoke performances.

So much excitement on day of 'Home on the Range' that campers will not miss on being on the 'road.' Who can tell? We might just throw in a bit of 'hiking' this season for good measures...

Join us then and have a 'super' time at camp on our Days on the Range!

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