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Junior Eagles Preschool Program - Ages 2-5 

Intermediate Program - Ages 6-11

Advance Camp - Ages 12-16


CAMP 2017!






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Camp begins each day with Christian devotion. This sets the pace for our days in all that we do. Since CTBny does not provide or serve breakfast, we usually go straight into our daily warm-up sessions. Warm-up sessions are usually a vibrant discuss about things that make summer interesting or maybe just a discussion of camp lineup for the day or the happening for the week. Below are some of our many and exciting camp lineups. There is never a dull moment at CTBny! Join us for an exciting energy-driven camp.


All campers are required to participate in academics. All campers will only be given academic works according to his or her ability. Academics helps the camper remembers his or her academic work for the next school year. All parents are asked to send along pencils, notebooks and crayons for the younger campers. 

Naptime - All our younger campers nap each day - except on those days when they go on field trips. CTBny are asking parents to send along a nap blanket and fitted sheet for each camper.

Meal Time - CTBny provides meals at a cost. Parents are given the option of feeding their children at home or purchase meals from CTBny canteen at a cost. Please inquire about this program. On trip days, parents are asked to send lunches or send along money for lunches. 

Swimming Camp - Campers will be professionally taught swimming in this camp. Campers will leave camp well aware of the fundamentals and safety of water. Parents are required to inquire about this camp at the time of enrollment.

Sports Camp - Campers who wish to participate in this camp are required to wear protective clothing since this camp is mostly outdoors activities. Campers are required to wear sneakers and socks only to avoid injuries!  Parents are required to inquire specifically about this camp. This is an opt into camp!

Performing Art Camp - All campers are allowed to participate in this camp. Campers will learn the fundamentals of the art of acting, dancing, singing, drama etc.

Music Camp - Campers will be taught by a professional music teacher. Campers will come away know how to read music notes and also how to play a musical instrument. Parents maybe required to purchase a piece of musical instrument!

Professional Badminton - All campers who desire to know this game are required to sign up specifically for this sport. A professional will teach this sport.

Bowling - Campers will learn this camp which will be taught by professionals. Campers will also compete with other campers for the sport cup. Daily practices will be conducted.

General Camp 

Basketball -  This sport helps players of all abilities develop athletically, refine fundamental basketball skills and enhance their skill set at the post, wing or guard position. Campers will come away with the full knowledge of the game and how to play to find. The sportsmanship will help the camper further on in life, if he or she chooses to utilize this important skill as a career vocation.

Soccer - CamptrailblazerNY is happy to bring a summer soccer camp experience to girls and boys 2-16 years old and of all levels. We provide the perfect opportunity to campers to learn the game in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Soccer camp will provide a positive learning environment through instruction that is both fun and engaging. 

Track and Field - CTBny track and field camps offer in-depth instruction for all events—plus everyday early morning distance running practice. Our T&F camps,  are perfect for males and females aged 6-16. Younger trained coach and camp coordinators will be mostly involved in this camp; with more mature coordinators offering instructional guidance. This camp will help campers improve their movement, speed, balance, concentration and power, and develop event-specific skills. Some days there will strength training and early morning exercise classes to build discipline for the game. Sign up for this camp today.

Cooking - Launch Your Culinary Career Now! Campers who are interested in the culinary art are welcome to sign up for this camp. Campers in this program will learn to prepare all courses of meal - breakfast, lunch and basic dinner prep. Campers will also learn to set the family table for the different courses meal. They will also learn how to create dining table center-pieces displays etc. This course is offered to girls and boys, ages 12-16 years old. Younger campers will learn to make ice-cream cakes, cookies and brownies!

Gardening - Campers will learn about soils, roots, organic foods, growing short lives crops such as Sprouts and vegetables. Campers will learn to grow short lives crops in plastic bottles which they will be allowed to take home. Campers will also study the necessary things which are important in making healthy gardening. 


Sewing and Design - Junior Eagles Explorers (Preschool campers, Ages 2-5 Yrs. old) will learn to cut and paste creative designs such as animals, trees and 3-D arts. Intermediate and Advance Challengers (girls) will learn to sew and knit. Boys will learn to do wood-craft in 3-D designs. They will learn to design bowling allies, painting, canvas painting, etc.


Field Trips - CTBny prides itself on its field trips! Camp is never complete without field trips and swimming! You require these programs and we supply them! All campers participate in these programs. Campers who opt for field trips will also get swimming thrown in! Learn to swim while having fun on our adventurous and wild field trips - water parks! Theme Parks! Hiking in the City -- HERE WE COME!!!!



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