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Co-Ed Camp - Campers Ages 2 - 16 Years Old

Camp TrailblazerNY started in 1996. The camp accepts students ages 2 to 16 years old. CTBny is a co-ed camp which accepts students and campers regardless of race, sex, religion, socio-economic stances. 

Never a Dull Moment At CTBny

CTBny has some outstanding and exciting programs, and out staff is dedicated and  approachable and likewise, our campers are friendly and welcoming. With our exciting program lineups, your child is sure to enjoy an amazing summer here at CTBny.

Free Swimming Lessons - Campers who opt for field trips will be qualified for free swimming lessons. Inquire about this program today!

Every Child Is A Winner

Summer camp is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to experience a wide range of physical, educational, recreational and Christian activities, all in an exciting, hands-on creative environment that is sure to be a winner and help each camper to be on the winning team!

Enrollment Online Or In Office

Parents are given the option to enroll online or in the office. However, to enroll online charges a 4.3 percent of the total sum. This fee should be added. There is an enroll fee of $100.00 this is none-refundable! Once parents commit to camp services, there is no refund as CTBny sign contracts with these services and there is no refund to CTBny - please note carefully as this is binding!  To enroll online, please click here ENROLLMENT ONLINE. Parents who wish to pay their camp tuition expenses online should note the rules stated above.  CTBny does not offer refunds on camp and summer school tuition. Once parents make a decision to pay their tuition online, they may click here to pay: PAY MY TUITION ONLINE.


STREET HOCKEY - Students who will participate in this sports are required to wear a hockey helmet. Parents are asked to purchase this helmet prior to camper participation. Campers will not be allowed do this part of the sports camp unless he or she has a helmet.  Helmets can be purchased at at a reasonable prices.

​​​​​Sponsor A Campers

CTBny each year encourages friends and families to sponsor a camper whereby allowing an unfortunate child to experience the joy of summer. If you are able to sponsor a child for camp, please contact us immediately so we can pair your giving with a child in need. You will be informed and get a chance to meet the sponsored child. We thank you for your generous monetary gift. Please call our Administration office to arrange your sponsorship and gift. On behalf of our campers, we would like to thank you in advance.

Supplies List For Campers And Summer Scholars (Summer School)

Parents of Preschool campers and students are asked to bring in  supplies for younger campers/summer schoolers. Please click here for supplies lists. Younger campers are different from the other campers and need more attention and care therefore they are treated in a more delicate way. To ensure total comfort to young campers, please the required supplies in a timely manner and please remember to replenish supplies promptly as needed. Parents are free to pick up young campers anytime - except on days when we go on field trips. Returning from field trips may sometime take a bitter long due to summer traffic. Please be lenient with us on these days!

  • Supplies List For Junior Campers

  • Supplies List For Summer Scholars

  • Supplies List For Summer Schoolers

Summer Camp, Summer School And Academics

We endeavor to ensure that all campers go back to school in September smarter than they left school in June. Campers are given the opportunity to participate in at lease one hour of academics each day - except on trip days. Campers who do weekly swimming may not be involved all days in academics. For academics, preschool - Summer Scholar and Summer School students, please click on the links above for your supplies list. Campers and students who do not bring in their supplies list will not be involved in academics. Campers are free to bring in their break/recess packets for assistance.

Summer School / Summer Scholars Program

CTBny also conducts summer school and accepts students from other schools who would like to attend out summer school. Summer Scholars are required to bring in their last report card, medical forms and pay their enrollment fee of $100.00. Summer school begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Summer scholars are welcome to accompany us on field trips at an extra cost. Students may purchase lunches from the camp canteen or snack-shop or bring in their own lunches. Summer scholars are may dress comfortable but not allowed to wear clothing with offensive writing or images. Summer Academics students are asked to bring in for perusal:

-Students last report card   -

-Medical Forms

-Three Notebooks

-Pencils and pens


Attire For Camp Or Summer Camp

All campers and summer school children are asked to dress modestly and appropriately. Moderately length shorts and t-shirts are welcome but garments bearing violence and garments depicting derogatory characters or wordings are not allowed on camp site. Campers accompanying us on waterparks field trips are asked to wear full-body swim/beach wear only. Inappropriate clothing are not allowed.

Meals And Attire For Field Trips

Jeans and T-shirts are welcome for field trips. Shorts can also be worn. Again only appropriate clothing are allowed. All campers accompany us on field trips are required to bring along a brown-bag lunch or money for lunch and snacks. CTBny is not responsible for lost or stolen monies. 

Cursing Swearing Bullying - CTBny is a anti-bullying school. We do not condone bullying, cursing, swearing and fighting.

Field Trips | Swimming | Bowling | Professional Music Camp

CTBny conducts several other programs supplementary to our general camp. Campers who wish to participate in the above camps should bear in mind that these programs are not a part of the general camp. 


CTBny, its agents and affiliates cannot be held responsible for scrapes, cuts, injuries whether on camp site or off camp sites, etc. Parents are to bear in mind that summer is a time of fun and play. Campers will fall during playing. Please be considerate in these matters. 

Daily Academics - CTBny conducts daily devotion and also morning academics. All campers are asked to bring along their notebooks and pencils for camp each day except field trip days.


Meals - CTBny does caterings on their campus. Campers may purchase lunches from out cafeteria or bring along lunches from home. 


Camp Fees And Camp Duration - Camp enrollment fee is $100 to pick up the enrollment application. All camp fees are to be paid before camp begins or the said day that camp begins. All camp runs for six weeks - July to the second week in August each year. Parents are asked to call us at 718.978.3996 for camp rate.


Annual Camp Enrollment And Early Bird Promotional Special - Each year, CTBny allows an Earlybird promo special. Parents who register during the early bird special will receive a reduction in camp fees. Register early to receive this promo.

Types of Camps - CTBny conducts three separate camps: Junior Camp for ages 2-5 year olds.  Intermediate Camp for ages 6-11 year olds and Advance Camp for ages 12-16 year olds. All camps are separate!



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Co-Ed Summer Camp For Ages 2 - 16 Years Old

Junior Camp  .   Intermediate Camp  .  Advance Camp


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