Dear Parents:
Camp has officially began today, 6/24/19, for those parents who needed just a week off with their children then have to return to work. However, CTBNewYork.com will need 40 or more strong  enrollment for camp to be a success this year 2019. Please support us to ensure there will be camp this year. Please read the attached letter for more info then call to enroll. We are looking forward to serving you again for 2019.
Camp Coordinators
CTBNewYork.com, Team 2019
Attachment: Informational Letter Posted 6/24/19.

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Camp Trailblazer New York is a co-ed Christian camp which started in 1996. CTNY as we are also known - accepts all campers, whether the students attend our day school or not. CTBNY operates four weeks, six weeks and eight weeks camps. Based on parents demand, CTBNY usually start camp in June each year and end camp the second week of August each year. CTBNY pushes for a fifty percent enroll to initiate camp therefore early enrollment is required to ensure quota is in place for camp. Please call to enroll early to assist us in making conscious and early decisions for camp.

Camp Brochure - Please call for a copy of our camp brochure which gives more information on our exciting camp programs! Parents are asked to call in for trips and swimming pricing since these events changed yearly. The brochure shows only a few of our camp activity lineup and parents are asked to call the office and request a camp schedules also.                         


Camp Meals - Parents who wish to participate in camp meals are asked to pay forward to accommodate meal planning!  Meals cards should be paid for in advance and picked up. Campers are asked to bring in their camp meal card the first day of camp for meal enrollment.


A Camp For Everyone - Camp Trailblazer New York is a premier destination and home for unique sports camps for children and teens, ages 2 to 16. For the past 21 summers, campers have enjoyed unique-class facilities, expert instruction and the most exciting sports curriculum available to all campers. There are numerous programs to choose from - Music Camp, Camp For The Performing Arts: Drama, Dance, Theater, Swimming, Cooking, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, ... choose one - there is a camp for everyone! Then there is Summer School And Summer Scholar Programs! Please refer our brochure for more information.


Camp Meals - CTBny serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks at a cost. Parents wishing to participate in the meal programs are asked to purchase their packet at the time of enrollment to ensure that all meal preps are done in a timely manner to meet the meal demand. Parents are asked to pay for lunches and pick up campers meal-card by the first day of camp. Parents are asked to send a long meals the first day of camp since all programs may not be readily available due to late enrollment etc. Campers are welcome to bring along their lunches and snacks from home . Snacks are sold in the tuck-shop on site. Meals are not served on trip days therefore parents are asked to send a brown-bag lunch and snack on those days. Non-serving of meals on trips days will be prorated on other days.  Please pick up a meal brochure and menu from camp office.                   

Camp T-Shirts - Campers are required to wear the camp t-shirts for all off site events. Camp t-shirt is $12.00. Other days, campers are welcome to wear comfortable wears without offensive languages and images. All campers are required to wear sneakers footwear ONLY to camp and summer school. Sandals and flipflops are not welcome and campers will not participate in camp unless they are wearing the correct footwear. This is to avoid injuries, etc.


NO ONE ON SITE DURING TRIP DAYS - Everyone goes on field trips therefore no one will be on camp site during trip days. We encourage all parents to opt for field trips and get swimming thrown in for free! Campers who do not wish to go on field trips are asked to stay home on the days when we are going on field trips. We are hoping all campers will accompany us though on these trips. Camp is never complete without trips and water parks! Come on.... JOIN THE FUN! Please pick up our trip schedule and pricing chart from our offices.

Summer School And Summer Scholar Programs - CTBNY in collaboration with Rosedale Christian Schools partner to bring you Summer School and  Summer Scholar program.

Summer Scholar Program - So, what is Summer Scholar Program? This program is a vigorous program that is designed for students who want to move ahead of their class for the next school year!

These programs operate for only one month, the month of July. Students who wish to participate are required to bring in their last report card for the current school current school year. Summer Scholar program is designed for students who wish to move ahead of their new class for the next school year! Summer School is for those students whose schools recommend that they do make a make up classes to meet the grade-demand of their report card. Summer School and Summer Scholar programs hours of operation are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Students in these programs are welcome to accompany us on trips at an additional cost. Please inquire!



  • Junior Camp -                   Young Eagles Explorers for ages 2-5-year-olds 

  • Intermediate Camp -       Mid Challengers for campers ages 6-11, and

  • Advance Camp or the       Real Challenge for ages 12-16-year-olds.


 CTNY accepts campers regardless of race, socio-economics background, sex, religion, etc. CTNY is a Christian based camp and does not condone bullying or fighting, etc.  Parents are welcome to join us on some trips. This is based on accommodation count by the different organizations. Please inquire

Young Eagles Explorers Camp

Ages 2-5 Years old

Intermediate (Young Challengers) Camp

Ages 6-11 Years old

Advance Camp

Ages 6-11 Years old


Opt For Lunch!

Camp Trailblazer NY serves nutritious well-balanced meals which campers may purchase or campers are given the option to bring their meals from home. Lunch IS not served on trip days!

Hours of Operation

Camp Operates Monday-Friday

Junior  Camp: 7:30am-6:00pm

Intermediate and Advanced Camp: 8:00-5:30 pm. Early and extended services are offered. Please inquire!

Transportation & Trips

Camp TrailblazerNewYork does not offer transportation at this time. However, other private bussing services can be recommended.

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